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...in the future.

MAGIC BOOK is written and intended for the professional magician.  Imagine having a random volunteer join you on stage.  That volunteer then, with their eyes closed, somehow names fair and freely selected cards by the audience without you or anyone else ever seeing the cards, AND they have no idea how they are doing it.  You do though... it's magic.  

MAGIC BOOK contains only three effects.  You will be able to perform the material close-up or on stage.  It plays big and packs small.

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Detective Marlene is a girl with a large imagination.  She loves putting her detective hat on and investigating.  Just what will she find while out looking for clues?  Come along with her on this fun adventure-filled journey as she searches to solve a great mystery.  

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Max Spade's gritty storyline is written in graphic novel form.  Magic, darkness, and valor are discovered between the inked lines of this page turner.  The illustrations are unconventionally wicked and intriguing.  Dare to venture past the book cover and find your imagination immersed in a powerful tale to remember.