MAGIC can be found anywhere at anytime in anything.  It's not the night sky; rather, it's the way one looks at the night sky with the moon & the stars in a complete awe inspiring moment of wonder... that is magic.

  MUSIC makes you feel like for a few seconds, you can reach out and touch the notes of a song.  It has the power to inspire both good and evil.  It can brag and wallow.  It can dance, relax, and fight.  Music is something you look for and yet although you seek it out, it is the one who finds you... often at times when you need it the most.  Music is not just something you hear.  Music is not just something you make.  It is more than that.  It is magic in its truest form.

  THE OLD MARKET is a small district located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska.  It is comprised of old brick laid streets and buildings giving it a charming character worth experiencing. 

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