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Saturday          January            29th   2022     at 5:00pm      Mahoney State Park MAGIC SHOW     Reserve Tickets#1-402-944-2523 ext. 7122

Saturday          February          12th    2022     at 3:00pm     Mahoney State Park MAGIC SHOW     Reserve Tickets#1-402-944-2523 ext. 7122

Friday               February          25th    2022     at 7:00pm     Private Event

Saturday          March               12th    2022     at 3:00pm     Mahoney State Park MAGIC SHOW     Reserve Tickets#1-402-944-2523 ext. 7122

Saturday          March               26th    2022     at TBD           Buena Vista University (Private Event)


Friday               April                     1st    2022     at 7:00pm     Mahoney State Park MAGIC SHOW     Reserve Tickets#1-402-944-2523 ext. 7122

Sunday            May                      1st    2022     at 3:00pm     Mahoney State Park MAGIC SHOW     Reserve Tickets#1-402-944-2523 ext. 7122

Friday               June                  17th    2022     at 8:30pm     Street Show


Saturday          June                  18th    2022     at 8:30pm     Street Show


Friday               June                  24th    2022     at 8:30pm     Street Show


Saturday          June                  25th    2022     at 8:30pm     Street Show



Currently, Ryan's show consists of legendary routines that have stood the test of time.  You will see rings, ropes, silks, and of course what historians consider the oldest trick in the book.  Below, you can read about the locations of where Ryan currently performs his show.


STREET MAGIC at 11th and Howard in the Old Market.

Street Magic shows are where Ryan's origin story began.  Although he has gone on to perform in theaters and venues, he still makes a point each year to revisit the streets of the Old Market in Omaha, NE. Old Market street shows are performed near 11th & Howard.  Often times there are carriage rides, art galleries, street artists, and shops open to provide for a relaxing evening out on the town.

Hollywood Candy MAGIC SHOW at 12th and Jackson in the Old Market.

M & M stands for Magic Matinee.  Hollywood Candy is one of the most unique stores you will ever visit.  Witness aisles filled with candy, an old school diner, arcade, pinball machines, record store, and an antique shop.  There are many oddities inside.  Within the heart of the store, you will discover a small and very quaint theater, which is where the Hollywood Candy MAGIC SHOW takes place.  Each show is under an hour and family friendly.  Come see why people are calling Ryan the Willy Wonka of Magic.  Just be sure to plan out enough time to walk the rest of the store either before or after the show so you get the full Hollywood Candy experience.

Mahoney State Park MAGIC SHOW at the Kountze Memorial Theatre in Ashland, NE.

Mahoney Magic Shows are completely geared for kids & family audiences.  (Approximately 1 hour in length.) Slowly becoming known as the wizard of winter, Ryan performs almost exclusively at the park's Kountze Memorial Theatre during months where the snow flies.  Beyond magic, Mahoney State Park features an indoor playground, an arts and crafts center, indoor rock climbing wall, sledding, ice skating, melodramas, and more.  There are places for the whole family to eat, and there are cabins available for anyone looking for a weekend getaway.  Experience some winter magic inside a warm theater at Mahoney.   

Ticket Info:

STREET & Hollywood Candy MAGIC SHOWS are FREE!
Tickets are free will donations


Eugene T. Mahoney State Park MAGIC SHOWS: 

It is $6 to enter the state park for a Nebraska resident day pass.  Year-round passes can be purchased at the lodge or at a local Walgreens.  Magic Show tickets can be purchased directly at the Kountze Memorial Theatre.  For those wanting to reserve tickets in advance, please call:

#1-402-944-2523 ext. 7122


Magic is performed by Old Market Magician, Ryan Chandler.  From The CW's "Fool Us" to the "Penn & Teller: Try This At Home" magic special, Ryan is known for his unique street style which often combines magic and elements of music.




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