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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an event coming up. Can I hire you to perform?

Answer: Since becoming a dad, I rarely work for hire. The best way to see me perform live is by bringing your party to one of my public shows. With that being said, I know other magicians in the area and could give you a few names of people who would do a great job.  

I saw one of your free shows and wanted to leave a tip afterwards, but I didn't have cash. Is there a way I can still donate?

Answer: Most my performances are free because I don't want anyone to ever feel turned away from seeing a magic show. Magic is something everyone should be able to experience and if you think about it, the real magic in this world (kindness, nature, love, etc) is always free.  With that being said, if you'd still like to leave a tip, you can click on the TIPS tab. And thanks so much!  It's always appreciated and humbling when someone takes the time to do that.

How do you learn magic?

Answer: If you are interested in learning, that's all it takes. There are books and now online sites dedicated to teaching magic. In Omaha, there is the Omaha Magical Society, and also, I've partnered with the Omaha Zoo to teach Zoo Magic Camps for kids during the summer. So there are a lot of avenues one can take to get started. 

Is it better to start young? Am I too old to learn?

Answer: It doesn't matter when you begin. The only thing that usually takes time is finding the area of magic you really like to perform. There's card magic, coin magic, escapes, parlor, illusions, etc. The journey to finding what you like is part of the fun.

Is what you're doing actual magic?

Answer: Not at all. Everything I do is a mix of sleight of hand, imagination, and arts & crafts. The goal is to make someone else smile, even if just for a moment. 

Are you still writing and performing music?

Answer: Yes! I'm currently working on a new album with III from Never Defined By.  I imagine once it's near completion, performances will follow.  

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