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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Over a decade has passed since I started working on this project. Books provide an escape. They allow you to unlock your imagination and prompt you to think creatively. There are no video links. There are no digital downloads. Instead, you get a book that serves as both the directions and the prop. With this you'll be able to create a dual reality moment of wonder. This is directly from my show. I've used this with both kids and adults. I've performed versions that take 10+ minutes on stage, and I've done it to where I can perform it in 5 minutes or less. I've mixed up how I present the routines depending on the crowd, which has allowed me to continue to pursue originality. It has served me well, and it has also forced me to improve my audience management skills.

MAGIC BOOK is written and intended for the professional magician. Imagine having a random volunteer join you on stage. That volunteer then, with their eyes closed, somehow names fair and freely selected cards by the audience without you or anyone else ever having seen the cards, AND the best part is the volunteer has no idea how they are doing it! You do though... it's magic. MAGIC BOOK contains only three effects. You will be able to perform the material close-up or on stage. It plays big and packs small. Uniquely written so that you can actually take it on stage and make it part of your act, MAGIC BOOK intricately weaves magic and mentalism together in a way that is open-minded. The performer can fully customize each routine to fit their particular style. These routines are intended for magicians who are already proficient with audience management, and they do require additional items that are common within the art form. This is NOT a beginner's guide. This is not just a magic book. This is your MAGIC BOOK. Go and be magical.

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