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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

MAGIC OF THE NIGHT: Hiding In Plain Sight

Oct. 29th, 2022 - 7:30pm at 40th Street Theatre

Link to event:

1. The doors will open an hour prior to showtime.

2. Theater seating will immediately be available for you to reserve seats (first come, first serve).

3. The bar will also be available right at 6:30pm when doors open.

4. This year will include a 10 minute intermission at the halfway point.

5. The show will be completely new. Like all previous years, no trick will be repeated from years prior.


Joining Ryan Chandler, David Fox, and Theron Milo, will be our new featured guest performers for the evening, Steve Lindeman and Denny Rourke.

Years past:

2017 - Magic of the Night

*Featured performer: Chase Hasty

2018 - Magic of the Night: Deceptions in the Dark

*Performers: Theron Milo, David Fox, Ryan Chandler

2019 - Magic of the Night: Web of Lies

*Featured performer: Joe Cole

2020 - Magic of the Night: Alone at Last (Zoom Show)

*Featured performer: Dave Arch

2021 - Magic of the Night: Mysteries of Old

*Featured performer: Jered Blake

We're looking forward to visiting the ghosts which haunt 40th Street Theatre again. Hope to see you there as well!!


~Ryan, David, Theron, Steve, & Denny

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