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INTO THE LIGHT is a follow up EP to my first album, "LABYRINTH."  For it, I teamed up with my great friend and producer, John Peters III (aka III) at Never Defined By Studios.  He took the original audio tracks from the "LABYRINTH" records and remixed four songs in the style of EDM.  The title, "INTO THE LIGHT,"  represents making it out of the labyrinth.  For the cover, I painted a wall follower robot.  A wall follower can make its way out of any connected maze by simply keeping (in this case) its right hand on the wall.  When we are surrounded by darkness, sometimes all we can do is place our hand on the wall and keep moving forward until we eventually see the light.  After every night, there is day, and just like paper always covers rock, darkness always runs from light.



The talented Adam Slechta created this visual for the "Dare to Fall (III Remix)."  To accomplish it, he took the separate instrumental and vocal stems so that the visuals would all line up.  He then placed the final song mix over the video. It was only fitting that Adam be the one for this project since he also did the original "Dare to Fall" music video back in the day.


Here's a combination of clips from past videos. To listen and watch the originals, there are blog posts dedicated to them. You can find out more about the process of recording my first album, "LABYRINTH," in the blog post titled, "Recording of Labyrinth."  It was a learning process and a snapshot of where I was musically at the time. With that being said, I'm looking forward to all new material and content in the future.

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