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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

THE REASON: Why learn magic? Magic helps build confidence, character, and communication skills. It's also a great reason to unplug from your smart device, TV, or video game for a few minutes per week. It's a hobby that promotes creativity as well as problem-solving, AND it celebrates your own uniqueness and creativity. From these videos, you'll be able to learn some fun tricks that will impress your family and friends. : )

CAN I LEARN: I get asked now and then, "How do you learn magic?" My answer is, "All it takes is for one to be interested." That's how I got started. I was simply... interested. Whatever sincerely interests you, you can learn.

ROAD BLOCKS: I remember attempting to read some pages out of a magic book, but the words and descriptions were too difficult to follow. There was no YouTube back in those days. In fact, the internet was just beginning, which is way different than today. Now you can learn a lot by just clicking around online. The problem is there's a lot of "stuff," so how do you sift through and decide what's worth your time? You could get a magic kit. However, if you don't know how to use the props, the items just become junk. I guess that goes to show one's junk is another's treasure.

OPTIONS: One option I suggest is joining a local magic club (just search for a SAM or IBM ring in your area.) For instance, the city I live in has The Omaha Magical Society: https://theomahamagicalsociety.org

TEACHER: Another route would be to find a mentor or someone to teach you. I have put together some magic videos that teach tricks that I think are worth learning. This is material that has served me well over the years and continues to do so to this day. It's magic you can do and enjoy learning.

Disclaimer: It's not sorcery. It's not about deception. It's all just for fun. Magic is a lot like putting pieces of a puzzle together. It takes some critical thinking, patience, and determination. If anything, that's what this club is about, AND you're invited!

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